CC is the only location in Canada to carry these amazing + natural products! Hand soaps, lotions, deodorants and even mosquito spray! Organic, luxurious, and effective!

Exceptional products and commitment to clean, beautiful ingredients. milk + honey sources the highest quality ingredients and essential oils — always clean, plant-based, and organic as possible. These products not only smell and feel luxurious, but yield effective results with long-lasting benefits. 


Peptides and Stem cells and Biomimetics, OH MY! Master skincare with these amAzing medical-grade products and allow your skin to reach its full potential!

Sam Dahtt is a master chemist and formulator. His vision is  based on peptides and plant-based stem cell technology with the ability to customize and target every skin concern and degree of ageing. DermaQuest is one of the few 10% in the  industry to make and formulate all their own products with full control from start to finish. With priority access to the latest actives from around the world, DermaQuest is always on the cutting edge of skin care technology and result-based formulations.


Innovative Ingredients The highest grade of ingredients at the correct percentages proven by clinical studies. We don’t angel dust our products for marketing.

Advanced Delivery Systems The delivery system enhances the ingredient either by keeping it fresh, providing synergy or increasing absorption.

Integrated Professional Treatments and Home Care – We seamlessly integrate these 2 entities by using similar as well as synergistic ingredients.

Science meets Beauty We care about the client experience from opening the box to enjoying the results. We create luxuriously scientific formulations wrapped in beautiful packaging.

Come see us for your free + personalized skin consult and the exclusive CC online access code!

After a consult with our skin whisperers, you’ll know what’s best for YOU! We can choose the products on site, or send you off with the code to shop online at your leisure. The products will be shipped free of charge right to your home sweet home!