Think of it like icing an injury, but at a level that no icepack could ever achieve. Speed up your recovery, minimize bruising, alleviate aches and pains, swelling, and inflammation with targeted cryotherapy penetration followed by deep cupping massage techniques.

On a side note…

Did you know that cryotherapy is an amazing treatment for acne, psoriasis + eczema?! And it’s safe for all ages! 

The Hangover Cure

If you woke up and the sun was yelling, we’ve got you. Cryotherapy to the forehead and base of the skull reduces inflammation and sends nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to those dehydrated and cranky cells.

Cryo + Go, Yo

Give us 12 minutes to treat you with cryotherapy, and provide you with alkaline water as well as 86 trace minerals in our signature elixir.

Another Round

If you really sprained your liver, up the ante with cryotherapy, a B-Charged Injection and our signature elixir with 86 trace minerals in alkaline water.


Vitamin IV Infusion Therapies

Ultimate Vitamin formulas infusing and hydrating you

Let us hook you up!! Ultimate formulas infusing while you enjoy gorgeous Lake Country views in the Cosmetic Culture IV Lounge.

It’s A Vibe – Good Vibes Only


The vibe is a happy one! Relaxed and going with the flow! Good times are ahead with this amazing vibe formula!

Hydrate 100

Recovery awaits you! Hungover? Just landed from a flight, work trip or vacation? Change in season? Just worked out? So many daily factors can leave us dehydrated. Lets help you rehydrate and boost your immune system so you get that good glow on!


You are a FORCE! We know you mean business when it comes to strength and athletics. Replenish the fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants that rebuild your body and get rid of toxins with this ultimate recovery IV formula! 

Boujie AF

Only the best for the boujie! The caviar of IV vitamin therapy, anti-aging and 5-star health for our Culture elite! 


Murder Fat

A blend of all the right things that go in and get the job done.

Knight Night

Is a good night sleep a reoccurring dream for you? Sleep is one of the main determining factors in how optimal we get to live.  With proper sleep, we think better, we perform better, we workout better, we lose more weight, we are happier…the list goes on.  Let us help you increase your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep so that you can reap these amazing rewards!! 

Gotta Crush on You

Wanna get frisky? Replenish fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. Increased sex drive, stamina, energy and youthful vitality are yours again!

Mind Craft

Le’s blow your mind with this beauty of an IV Infusion. It supports brain functions like memory, mental speed and the ability to focus. Be sharper, quicker.


Powerful vitamin boosts administered in seconds!


When coffee just won’t cut it! Increased energy and focus in every shot! This combination of B vitamins will supercharge your entire system! 

In the Name of Beauty

Anti-aging in a shot! Glutathione is the mother of antioxidants and helps to brighten and lighten your complexion! But WAIT, there’s more… It’s aids your body in the detoxification of heavy metals and free radicals and has incredible anti-inflammatory properties to help you get rid of those aches and pains! 

Gimme the Skinny

Increase metabolism and murder that fat with these lipotrophic fat blasters! 


If you’ve had it, you’re hooked. If you haven’t, you’re going to be! Botox injections allow your skin to heal by limiting the expressions that cause wrinkles. When it comes to prevention, maintenance and/or correction, these injections are everything! Never too soon or too late to Botox! 

Dermal Fillers

Instantly turn back the clock and give yourself a little extra plump while you’re at it! We lose fullness around our temples and under our eyes and cheeks as we age, making us look tired and hollow. Dermal fillers are an easy way for you to look rested, put the apples back on those cheeks, up your kisser game!



Hydrabrasion (unlike traditional dermabrasion) uses a diamond tip bit to provide controlled exfoliation while water infused with aloe vera is being delivered to the skin to hydrate and flush out the pores. The vacuum-controlled suction removes excess debris and stimulates healthy blood flow to the surface of the skin. Superficial layers of the skin are removed, stimulating cell regeneration and increased production of collagen. Elasticity and tone are increased and skin is primed to absorb products without causing pH alteration.


Microdermabrasion uses a diamond tip bit to provide a dry exfoliation of the superficial layers of dead skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.


Resurfacers can also be booked without Frotox for $65/each!




Vampire Facial

Hair Loss Restoration & Regeneration